The Importance Of The Narrative | @kennyfresh1025 @refresherpoint @trackstarz

A narrative, at heart, is just a story. Whether spoken or written, it speaks to events or an overarching theme. There’s a narrative in every person, place, and thing. The key to the story is what the author wrote, their intention, and the reader/listener’s interpretation. For a long time, the story of America has been […]

Jes Norris “Let It Go” Single | @itsjesnorris @menacemovement @trackstarz

Jes Norris continues to drop new music! Her newest single encourages the listener to “Let It Go” and release the things that are holding them back. This song comes from a personal place that Norris explained on her social media. At one point she felt the need to try and do everything by herself without […]

The Root of Racism | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! I hope everyone is doing good this week!! In light of some situations that have happened recently, I wanted today into the root of racism. I believe that this is a very relevant issue in our lives, and we see plenty of examples of our need for change and growth […]

NF “LOST” Feat. Hopsin Music Video | @nfrealmusic @trackstarz

NF upcoming mixtape ‘Clouds’ is on its way and he just gave the people another preview. Today NF dropped the second single “LOST” featuring Hopsin. When the mixtape was first announced, many had something to say when they saw Hopsin was going to be featured on a track. Hopefully, after they watched the video, the […]

Eshon Burgundy Releases New Album ‘Joppa’ | @eshonburgundy @trackstarz

NFTRY is back like it never left with the release of Eshon Burgundy’s newest album ‘Joppa.’ Eshon brings the people eleven songs full of grace, truth, and he brought the bars. Eshon got this title from the Bible as Joppa is one of the oldest seaport cities in Israel. It’s also where Jonah chose disobeyed […]