Joey Vantes Announces New Project | @joeyvantes @trackstarz

Joey Vantes recently announced that he had a new project dropping! His project is titled ‘Careless,’ an EP that will be released October 2,2020. The first single will be featuring Asaiah Ziv and that will drop this Friday. Joey has dropped approximately three short projects this year, and is showing no signs of slowing down. […]

Krum ‘HMIYE’ Interview | @iamkrum @trackstarz

For this interview we talked to Krum, an artist of the group Deepspace5 and accomplished solo artist in his own right. For those who are unfamiliar, hopefully this interview wakes you up to the dope music and artistry you’ve been missing out on. TZ:  Krum, for those who don’t have any idea, who are you? […]

Gowe ‘Nostalgia Forever’ Interview Part 3 | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

In the third part of our interview, Gowe answers questions about his album and his plans for the future. TZ: You’ve already shared what your favorite songs from the project were. Now that some time has passed, what are the fans saying their favorite songs are? GO: I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback for […]