Zauntee Shows Why He’s “BackFromTheDEAD” In New Single | @zauntee @trackstarz

Zauntee, formerly known as Mr. God Taught Me,  is back with his newest single “BackFromTheDEAD.” Musically, Zauntee has been quiet for a minute. His last musical release were the “3:34 Warehouse Sessions,” which were live acoustic versions of the Dove nominated project ‘3:34.’



As Zauntee moves into a new season of his career, he is about to unleash new music that says where he is at spiritually. The first sample of that is the newly released “BackFromTheDEAD.” Zauntee worked tirelessly in this single, going to five different studios across four states until the song was just right.


Zauntee chronicled the journey with this song in two videos on his YouTube channel, which culminated with the release of not just a single but a music video as well. With statements like “Excellence is worship” and “creativity doesn’t ask for permission,” you know Zauntee is in a whole other space artistically.


The single is available wherever you listen to music, and the music video is available on YouTube. What do you think of Zauntee’s latest single and are you ready for more music from him?