Krum ‘HMIYE’ Interview | @iamkrum @trackstarz

For this interview we talked to Krum, an artist of the group Deepspace5 and accomplished solo artist in his own right. For those who are unfamiliar, hopefully this interview wakes you up to the dope music and artistry you’ve been missing out on. TZ:  Krum, for those who don’t have any idea, who are you? […]

Xavier Omär Tiny Desk Concert | @xvromar @tinydesk @trackstarz

Xavier Omar’s first Tiny Desk performance released Monday at 5:30AM, and it’s been a long time coming. He made it a San Antonio affair by utilizing a local spot, Rosella Wine and Coffee, and had singers and musicians from San Antonio as well. Many in the CHH space have been following Xavier Omär since the […]

Wande Returns With “Hiatus Freestyle” | @omgitswande @trackstarz

Wande has returned seemingly out of nowhere with her new aptly named “Hiatus Freestyle.” This is the first song she’s released since her remix of the popular “Kidz” song by Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed over five months ago. Wande is a woman on a mission with her hard hitting bars and impeccable flow. Where has […]