Danielle Apicella “Fly” Single | @danielleapicella @rmgmusic @trackstarz

Danielle Apicella is back with a brand new single titled “Fly.” This jazz infused R&B single has been described by Apicella as, “One of the most meaningful songs I’ve ever written.” This song is all about releasing the fears that keep you grounded and going on to live your life to the fullest. It’s not […]

Pastor AD3 Releases “BAD VIBES” Single | @pastorad3 @trackstarz

Pastor AD3 releases his first single this year with the catchy single “BAD VIBES.” The Pastor wrote this one for those who love God, keep a tight circle, and have ever had a “feeling” that something was off with someone. This song is super relatable as almost everyone has gone through what Pastor AD3 is […]

Evan And Eris Release New “Everything” Single | @evananderis @trackstarz

The brother and sister duo, Evan and Eris, continue to release uplifting music that’s great for the soul. On this song, they talk about how they need everything from God, everything He is and evertything He has for them. This is a very relatable song, who and what do we have outside of God? when […]

Joey Vantes Releases “Careless” Album | @joeyvantes @trackstarz

Joey Vantes just released his newest project ‘Careless,’ a celebration being independent. Joey has been doing his own thing his own way for a while now, for him being independent isn’t just a statement but a lifestyle. Joey released this project for his fans to encourage them to believe in their God given dreams and […]

Joseph Solomon Drops Debut Project “Find Me” | @whatisjoedoing @trackstarz

There are artists who are known for one talent, but all the while have other amazing talents. One such artist, Joseph Solomon, first garnered attention as a  YouTube personality, poet, and spoken word artist. A few years later we learned that he could sing and play the guitar! After a few songs, Joe’s fans and […]

Evan And Eris “Hands In It” Single | @evananderis @trackstarz

The brother and sister duo, Evan and Eris, are back with their new hit single “Hands In it.” This song speaks about trusting God because if  He has His hands in it, it’s bound to work out for our good. After they sing their verses, we are pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of Pastor […]