Street Hymns Vs. Red Flag Rap Battle | @streethymns @trackstarz

SXSW is a great place for music and for artists to really connect and showcase their talent. Many folks go for the experience, while others find themselves Austin bound to put in some work. From the footage of the recently released Street Hymns vs. red Flag, it’s clear to see Street came to put in […]

Loso Locked In For His Next Battle | @loso_che @trackstarz

2017 may have been a monumental career building year for Loso, but he is not hitting brakes rolling into 2018. Loso is set to make his return to the RBE (Rare Breed Entertainment) platform after bodying J-Murda last year to battle Showoff. Showoff is a veteran in the battle rap arena with over 40 battles […]

Street Hymns Makes RapGrid 2018 Freshman List | @streethymns @rapgrid @trackstarz

Battle Rap News outlet RapGrid recently released their 2018 Freshman list, and Christian Battle Rapper Street Hymns made the cut! The list was announced on November 20 and Street’s freestyle dropped on Thanksgiving Day. RapGrid had this to say on their Instagram post, “Check out the #Freshman18 Freestyle by Street Hymns. He’s had a big year and […]

Loso Battles J Murda | @loso_che @trackstarz

Recently Loso made his RBE ( Rare Breed Entertainment) debut with his battle versus J Murda in New York. If you watch the battle you’ll see Loso looking extra comfortable on a stage outside of Bullpen Battle League. You’ll also see Th3 Saga make a cameo next to Loso. This battle is a clear 3-0 […]

Loso and Street Hymns 2 on 2 Battle At Chival War Event| @streethymns @loso_che

Loso and Street Hymns participated in the “Chival War” event in Atlanta on April 22nd. This was their first time doing a two on two battle together but their chemistry is crazy! They battled against Shooney Da Rapper and Phara Funeral (Shooneral). Watch this battle and witness the birth of “Gun Bibles” ( not their […]

Loso Drops Video For XO Tour Freestyle| Music Video| @loso_che @trackstarz

Florida bred emcee Loso is back with yet another freestyle video, but this time it’s over Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour.” Loso is a freestyle machine so there’s no telling how many more he has in the chamber! What do you think about Loso’s latest offering? Check it out below and let us know what […]