Loso Named in The Source’s List Of Top 20 Battle Rappers In 2017 | @loso_che @trackstarz

Battle Rap has been apart of hip hop culture for a long time, and it seems as if its gaining more popularity as times marches on. 2017 was arguably one of the biggest years for the culture and art of battle rap, and Hip Hop Magazine “The Source” decided to document it. They reached out to the battle rap community (i.e. league owners, fans, and artists) to curate a list of the top 20 battle rappers of 2017. While this is sure to upset many people and validate many, it is worth noting that Tampa’s own, Loso, is number 11 on this top twenty list. While some may disagree that he shouldn’t be right below his most recent opponent B-Dot, one can’t argue that this faith based emcee is holding his own in one of the most hostile sects of the hip hop culture (don’t believe the hostility peep the comments under Loso’s battles). We at Trackstarz salute and applaud Loso on all of his accomplishments and pray for him as he continues to prioritize impacting the culture over impressing it. Keep going Loso! Round one it’s on you.