Worship Without Ears (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

Music is a pathway to worship for many people. It can set the mood and get us into the right attitude through the melody and words being expressed to Jesus. One of the ministries I have served the past 15 years and continue to serve is called Blended Fellowship. This ministry established in 1999, is […]

God Truly Works Everything For Good (@okcthunder @korthwest @trackstarz)

On Wednesday morning, I received a text message to pray for a family member at 1:30pm Thursday afternoon because they would be in a big meeting. So I wouldn’t forget to pray at that exact time, I set my alarm for 1:20pm. I knew whatever the outcome of the meeting, God would work it out. […]

Final Goodbye (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

This past Saturday, I lost a friend and co-worker who fought a battle with cancer. He was 66 years old and battled cancer for 9 months. He and I worked third shift together for a little over five years. For all five years, I knew this man was not a born again Christian and did […]

Crawl Before You Ball @trackstarz

My 5 month old is learning how to crawl.  I know, not the hottest thing in CHH but God is using this to teach me about Him, patience and perseverance. Everyday my daughters come and set my son in crawling position and he moves his little body to make his move. We cheer him on […]

3 Books That Helped Shape My Walk (@thecatalyst1 @trackstarz)

It is common to make the mistake of believing we know all we have to know. Especially at a young age. I know very well that’s exactly how I was growing up. I hated being wrong and I hated the fact that someone else could know more than me. I was a smart guy but […]

Love The One You’re With |Marriage Mondays| (@chicangeorge @trackstarz)

  As we take a look around the world and at social media, we see divorce and unfaithfulness at an all time high. One reason people decide to leave their spouse is from lack of appreciation. Sometimes, we get so caught up in what “we think”others have, we neglect the one we’re with. Today, take […]