The Christian and Political Partisans (@thecatalyst1 @trackstarz)

We have been taught that there is an implied rule at the dinner table with guests. You don’t talk about politics and religion. Well, we may not be at a dinner table but I am about to shatter that rule by shooting both birds with one stone. As I scroll through my social media feeds, I […]

Slow and Steady |Bordeaux’s Business Blog| (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

In society today everything is rushed and in such fast progressions that it could be assumed that business growth should be the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a company starts, it is important to take things slow so that nothing gets too difficult to handle. Each task of the business should […]

Why Weren’t You At Church? | (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

My cousin accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior several years ago. He does a lot of reading and studying of God Word at home. I often ask him to come to church with me and for different reasons he isn’t able to make it. I’ve always thought that discipleship meant getting people to […]

Revisiting Being A Good Steward Over Our Singleness|@Intercession4aG @trackstarz

In my new book, “The Single Christian Woman’s Guide”, I briefly discuss how the Kingdom works differently than the kingdom of this world. In God’s Kingdom, once we have been faithful where we are at, we then become promoted to the next level. What does this tell us? Obedience is key. “His master replied, ‘Well […]

Best Practices |Bordeaux’s Business Blog| (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

You may often hear the phrase “learn from the best.” That is exactly what this next topic is going to discuss. In the academic world, the term “bench-marking” is used for what is commonly know as “best practices.” This process of business is a great learning stage. When a person wants to be successful in […]