HIStory: Our Place in His Story – A Throwback Album Review By Addison Gill

Hailing from Philadelphia, running from the late 90s to the late 2000s, known for their deep theological lyricism mixed with urban edge, these legends in Christian Hip Hop have truly made history.   The Cross Movement has been a staple in Christian Hip Hop pretty much since their first release¬† in 1997. After over a […]

ROAR and the Meaning of Worship

ROAR And the Meaning of Worship ¬† By Addison Gill   This past Sunday, Easter to be specific, I had the opportunity to spend my evening at ROAR. Now what is ROAR? I guess in simplest terms it was a concert but to the creators of this ministry, it goes much deeper than that. The […]

What Happened At Asbury? | @adb_627 @trackstarz

What Happened At Asbury? Written by: Addison Gill Picture by: Relevant Magazine   For the majority of this event, I had no clue what was even happening. As memes and articles started to surface, I assumed that a mega-church, run by a celebrity pastor was having some big extravagant event. Needless to say, I was […]