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What Happened At Asbury?

Written by: Addison Gill

Picture by: Relevant Magazine


For the majority of this event, I had no clue what was even happening. As memes and articles started to surface, I assumed that a mega-church, run by a celebrity pastor was having some big extravagant event. Needless to say, I was surprised to find the truth.

So, what actually occurred?

Wednesday, February 8, at a small Christian college in Wilmore, KY, a group of students lingered after a mandatory chapel to continue in worship. It was at this moment that news started to buzz around campus. The group of worshippers grew and the revival lasted through the night. By the fifth day, the revival received local media coverage and Christians from the surrounding areas started joining in. By the time the revival officially ended on the 18th, the event had become nationally known, attended by tens of thousands, extended into several different venues, and had lasted, non-stop for twelve days. I wondered if anyone could see this coming. I can’t imagine that they did. However, in my research, I learned that revivals are nothing new to Asbury University. There have been 7 revivals since 1905.

Even though the Asbury Revival has officially ended in many ways it’s still going as it has spread to other schools and communities such as Texas A&M who had its own 7-hour service.

Having gone to a small Christian school myself, I can easily conceptualize what occurred at Asbury. I have witnessed and attended many student-led worship services and I have seen God move the hearts of the worshippers around. I can only imagine seeing that a hundredfold. I’m sure for most the Asbury Revival was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So I am genuinely happy for those who were able to experience it. I hope that I too can experience such a spiritual awakening.

Check out the livestream at Revival Asbury