BenRodz’s Artist of the Week: SiahThyLegend

Hello everyone and welcome to the sixth installment in this series!

For this week I chose not only a good friend of mine but also someone who is super talented and someone I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow as both an artist and a person.

So without further ado I give you The Legend Himself aka SiahThyLegend, Siah is a 17 y/o CHH artist hailing out of Texas.

Having first started releasing music in 2021 with “To Da Water” to his latest single that dropped last year (2023) “Heavenly” featuring fellow CHH artist and Texas native A3, Siah has proved himself to not only be consistent but also hardworking as an artist.

During his time in CHH Siah has built up many connections and friendships with fellow CHH artists such as 350, Not Klyde, Swaizy, WHATUPRG, Drup, and J J L among others.

Siah has amassed over 200k streams on Spotify alone with some of his biggest songs being:

2022’s “OFF THE LEASH”, 2023’s “IGHT BET”, and 2023’s “JALEPEÑO FREESTYLE”, having also released a mixtape at the end of last year entitled THE LEGEND HIMSELF, Siah included fan favorites from his past releases and put them all together in one place.

Siah has also had his music played at major CHH event Smoke ‘23, which is a festival headlined and founded by CHH collective indie tribe., he’s also had his music played at major CHH artist Lecrae’s 2023 tour: THE FINAL CHURCH CLOTHES TOUR: PART II.

Siah has proven himself a force to be reckoned with, having accomplished so much at a young age, this is only the beginning for him, with plans to release more music this year, returning in March with a new single Siah is an artist you don’t wanna miss out on.

With his catchy lyrics, fast delivery and a willingness to try out any and all  new sounds, Siah is a young artist that deserves your attention.

Hope y’all enjoyed the article and most importantly I hope this helped you discover a new underground artist that you haven’t heard of before or never really checked out.

Siah is an incredibly talented artist and most importantly an even more talented person, he’s not just my friend but someone I consider a brother.

I couldn’t be more proud of him and how far he’s come in such a short amount of time, if y’all rock with him make sure to drop him a follow here, and make sure y’all check out the playlist I’ll be updating every week with songs from every Artist of the Week.

That brings us to the end of this article, as always thank you for taking the time to read this, God bless you and I hope everyone has an amazing week, stay tuned for next week’s installment!