The 2024 Next Up List by DJ Jeremaya | New Music | @iamjeremaya @trackstarz

The Next Up List is not just for the up & coming CHH & Urban Gospel artists. It’s also to give a spotlight to the CHH & Urban Gospel artists who more people need to hear about.

The Next UP List criteria ranges from:
*Having an album, EP, mixtape and singles release the previous year (2023).
*Strong work ethic.
*Artists who have a buzz and who are under the radar in the community.

So with no further ado..
Ladies and gentlemen the 2024 Next Up List presented to you by the one and only DJ Jeremaya. Let’s go!!!



Lanell Grant
Houston’s very own Lanell Grant is a hybrid of a lyrical menace meets trailblazing producer. Pioneering a new sound in Hip Hop that’s sophisticated, dynamic and 808 driven. Her music is clever, heart felt, and polished for the listener. From her artistry to her organization she stands on helping women create and produce in music. Nothing is holding her back from letting the world know Women Produce.

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages
you convey through your lyrics?
Lanell Grant: Christ has given my passion direction. I can get into all the ways that my life has been shifted and saved, and could talk about it at great length, no doubt. But in this season, one of the most evident effects of me having a relationship with Christ is my resolve, fervor, and confidence about what I’m saying in my music.

TZ: Tell us more about Women Produce and the importance of the movement behind that statement?
Lanell Grant: CAUSE WOMEN BE PRODUCING! It’s one of the things I’m most excited about. My camp is full of women walking in the areas that God has called them, and they are killing it! Ultimately, I want to do my part in facilitating environments where women can feel safe and comfortable creating. If I can just inspire, encourage, or comfort a few women along the way, then I’m good.”

TZ: How was it being on the BET Hip Hop and Adidas Originals
Lanell Grant: Aye! I for real enjoy the creative process. And doing both of those cyphers in 2023, just weeks a part, stretched my creativity! And I had fun! I got to display my music, with my message, my way on established platforms. I’m grateful.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Lanell Grant: Man, continued engagement with everybody connected to the music and everything else we have going on. I’m a teacher, by nature, so I’m exploring ways to educate those who want to learn more about the process of making music. More music! I’ve been in the lab already getting the next wave of music for the people ready! And dare I say…. Touring!!!

Recommended Songs by Lanell Grant: “God’s Timing”, “Collect Call”, “Answer By Fire”

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Kieran The Light
Real, raw and relatable is three words that describe Kieran The Light. This lyrical giant sees what’s going on and speaks out against it. He is also very introspective with his walk with Jesus telling his highs and lows in his faith. His mission is to spread the word of Jesus Christ to as many people as he can without compromising. Standing out in the culture by using his platforms, influence, and public and private life for Jesus is the mission Kieran The Light signed up for!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages
you convey through your lyrics?
Kieran The Light: Jesus is the embodiment of everything you
hear and will ever hear me express lyrically. The label and
brand is titled “Forgiven Music” prominently to promote the
outcome of His sacrifice. For newcomers in the faith to be able
to not only relate and know we are forgiven but to FEEL
forgiven enough to make changes. Jesus is the threshold for
transparency, which opens the door to implement the side of our
walk that’s difficult to speak about regarding the sins, the
stumbles, & the backslides. Jesus is the key for those topics to
have an effect on whoever is listening.

TZ: How has the Witchcraft series impacted the Hip Hop culture?
Kieran The Light: It’s hard to identify its impact on “hip hop” considering how my views on what is and isn’t witchcraft aren’t very popular in that community, or in this world in general. There is not a lot of positive feedback outside of Christianity in response to my approach and statements made on that topic. What I am certain of is the life changing impact it has in the lives of individual people who have been caught up into agreement with the deception of many things the Lord has used me to expose and bring to light in that particular series of music.

TZ: What is the musical chemistry like between you and Kidd Lee?
Kieran The Light: Creating music with Kidd Lee often feels like going bar for bar with myself in regards of how we deliver our message, or in more simple terms, our “flow”. We actually feed off of each other tremendously in our signature style of passing the mic back and forth throughout verses. The chemistry has been organic since our first song together titled “Breaking Records”.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Kieran The Light: I spent the entire 2023 collaborating with different artists. I didn’t release any solo projects where I was the primary “MC” if that’s what we’d like to call it. Which is rare for me. I usually put out 4-5 projects a year if not more through a combination of EPs and albums. So I’m currently in the process of creating what I would like to say will be potentially my best body of work yet. It will be an album. I have a title that I am still waiting for confirmation about so I don’t want to reveal it at this time, but I plan for this to be big if God says the same.

Recommended Songs by Kieran The Light- “New Life”, “Forgiven”, “Voice”

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Tylynn is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Nebraska ready to take the world by storm. Breaking ground with her unique, eclectic, infectious sound and voice makes her stand out. Sharing her life experiences and faith in her music is something Tylynn takes pride in. Hard work pays off is an understatement when it comes to Tylynn dropping freestyles and singles weekly. She takes her craft very serious. That’s why she is the one and only Tylynn.

TZ: How has Jesus Influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
Tylynn: Jesus has influenced my music and message simply, because Jesus has influenced my life. I submitted my life to God in February of this year (2023). I had always “believed in Jesus”, but I was not walking out the faith. I was one foot in and one foot out until having an encounter with the Lord. When I submitted my life to the Lord that came with my heart, which of course included my treasure which was my gift of music.

TZ: What is the strategy behind dropping a song every week?
Tylynn: So I had a strategy when I first began dropping a song a week which was extreme preparation. I had done about 3 to 4 months worth of songs before ever dropping the first one. Since then, I haven’t been that far in advance due to business, but honestly God just gives me the inspiration when I need it. In addition, I try to meet with my producers at least every other week. I owe a lot of credit to my producers and my engineer, because I can be last minute some weeks and they will still come through for me with beats and mixing and/or mastering.

TZ: What was it like to get to connect with LARussel this year?
Tylynn: LaRussel is truly one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. LaRussel invited me and even paid for my flight to come out and perform at the Pergola. Looking at what he built, from his team, to the actual Pergola and just his business model inspired me a lot as an independent artist.

TZ: What Can We expect from you in 2024?
Tylynn: I’m looking forward to what God does in 2024 if I’m being honest! I am looking forward to the shows I have booked for next year, the collaborations I have lined up as well and of course more music! I don’t want to speak on too many things before their time but I intend to keep building as the Lord leads me!

Recommended Songs by Tylynn: “Call It Lyfe”, “Til It’s Done” and “I Thank God”

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Childlike CiCi
Kingdom Over Kulture is the brand that Childlike CiCi stands on and lives out. The fun, animated, and energetic MC has bars and spits the truth. Her message is simple. Stand for Jesus and resist the world and the enemy. She looks to ultimately touch as many souls as possible through her music, testimony, and the word of God. Childlike CiCi shows the world you can love God and still have fun!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
Childlike CiCi: When I gave my life to Christ, it became clear that the music I had been creating previously wasn’t in line with pleasing or glorifying God and His kingdom. For a while, I doubted I would create music again, but in 2022 He called me back to it. Honestly, without Jesus, without His guidance, I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to express. He is the heart of my music, the reason behind everything I do.

TZ: What was it like working on a song that got on the Reach Records Summer Playlist with Reece Lache & Toyalove?
Childlike CiCi: Collaborating with the girls on the summer playlist was an incredible experience. When I arrived at the studio their verses were already laid and the hook was complete, so I didn’t get as much studio time with them. I got to see Toya make some tweaks to her verse, but for the most part I pretty much knocked my verse out when I got there and left. However, the entire process of creating the music video and the rollout was fantastic. Our bond is truly like a sisterhood. I’m deeply grateful to Reach Records, especially their A&Rs— Dria, Ace, Dre, and Lecrae—for giving me this opportunity. The whole experience, from the song rollout to working with the
Reach Records team behind the scenes was exceptional. They have an amazing team supporting them.

TZ: Did you ever think your testimony would go viral the way it did?
Childlike CiCi: I never imagined my testimony would go viral. It’s a beautiful full-circle moment for me, knowing that despite my past mistakes, God still chooses to use me. He’s known for transforming what was meant for evil into something good. I never foresaw myself walking the path with Christ as I am today. Especially during my earlier musical endeavors. Witnessing the influence God allows me to have on people is humbling. Even notable figures, like Tyrese from “Fast and Furious”, have reposted my testimony directly onto their page.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Childlike CiCi: I would like to release a debut full-length project in 2024. Additionally, there are several other projects I’ve been diligently working on throughout 2023 in preparation for 2024, which I can’t reveal just yet. Stay tuned.

Recommended Songs by Childlike CiCi- “Why Would I”, “Touch Generations Switch That’s Not What I Heard”, “Band” and “A Drummer” featuring Mike Teezy

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From melodic flows to fashion designer A3 knows his purpose by design. The Texas native knows how to get your attention with his looks and songs. His music is a futuristic sound that will take you to a place of solace. His fashion company StyleByAiden has not just helped him, but other artists with their content and merchandise. A3 is a creative thats willing to help you meet the Creator!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
A3: Jesus Christ is my life and when I make music I’m just making it about my life. So He’s gonna be in the music no matter what. I don’t have to force it.

TZ: What made you name your project “I’D Go To Hell For You”?
A3: It stems from the book of Roman’s, specifically Romans 8:31-39, when Paul tells the people of Israel the good news that nothing can separate them from the love of God and you would assume when u hear something as good as that you would accept it and stop wildin’ out, but they in fact did not. Which goes into Roman’s 9:1-3 where it says Paul mourns for Israel, because only if they knew how good they have it. He says he is ready to be cursed, if that would help them. He is even willing to be separated from God for them. I would ask you, what is the one thing that can get you into hell? Not accepting him or in other words be “separated from him”, so the story is not necessarily about heaven and hell. It’s a story of being a living sacrifice. It was also a cool name. (haha)

TZ: What was it like joining the supergroup HeavenOnEarth?
A3: Intimidating, because I was in the room with some of my inspirations growing up in chh. So I felt like I had to perform, but when I knew I belonged there and that it was God’s choice not necessarily RG’s, it changed everything for me.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
A3: A album and a lot more music after that. Consistency.

Recommended Songs by A3 – “So holy”, “I’d Go To Hell For You”, “A Place Where Pain Does Not Exist”

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Jack Tyler
Lyrical Assassin is what Jack Tyler is. Jack possesses a versatile flow effortlessly switching between a smooth, rhythmic cadence to a rapid fire emotionally charged delivery. His love to put Jesus in his music and life is refreshing. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of his experiences, creating a balance between depth and accessibility. Jack Tyler has the confidence to be the Best Of The Best!

TZ: How has Jesus Influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
Jack Tyler: Growing up, I’ve always been heavily involved in music ministry at my church. This being said, I’ve always let my music revolve around giving God the credit. Every song has a different message, but consistently showcases what God can and has done in the midst of anything I’ve been through. I’ve spent nights in my bedroom writing when nothing else felt doable. Writing became my outlet. Jesus gave me that gift, not only to keep myself from negative self-worth, but to relate it to the generation that follows those same paths that I’ve travelled. Jesus has given me testimony after testimony and that is the greatest influence He’s had on my music.

TZ: Can you talk about the chemistry you have with DJLC when you guys create music?
Jack Tyler: DJLC and I met about a year and a half ago when I found his instagram live after being tagged in the comments. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a friendship I couldn’t be more grateful for. DJLC and I have constantly pushed each other in the realm of music and he has taught me so many things when it comes to recording and creating. It almost feels like I’ve got another brother I can look to for help. We constantly pick on each other when we’re in the discord or on a call and we  call each other out on things we could work on. We’re not afraid of criticism. In fact, we thrive from it. It builds us up and that is the basis of our chemistry: building each other up to be the best artists we can be.

TZ: How did it feel getting called Best New Christian Rapper by Mitch Darrell?
Jack Tyler: Honestly, it feels surreal every time another artist has something good to say about my music. I’ve always had an issue feeling fully confident in my sound and I always appreciate knowing that it has some sort of impact on a listener. Watching people, like Mitch Darrell, react to my music and have so many positive feedbacks keeps my confidence up, allowing me to keep going. My goal every time I make something is to have a positive impact on the listener. Best New Christian Rapper? I would love to claim that, but I know I have more work to do and I’m alright with that. Without a destination to strive for, we stand still. I plan to keep on going.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Jack Tyler: 2024 is going to be a year I plan to push even further. More promotions. More music. More avenues for listeners to
relate. I’ve seen 2 years of Spotify Wraps that have showcased the growth I’ve had so far and this year, the goal is to triple that progress. 2023 I fell off to collect myself and reevaluate my goals. 2024, I’m back.

Recommended Songs by Jack Tyler – “BLACK SHEEPFREESTYLE”, “JAYWALK”, and “INSOMNIA”.

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This South Carolina melodic lyricist is here to put Jesus on the map. Her style is a dynamic fusion of confident rap verses and catchy, genre-defying hooks. Her mission is to bring people closer to God by using music and social media as her vehicles to do so. She commands attention on stage engaging the audience with songs and the love of Jesus. One listen to her music and you gonna love it here!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
Toyalove: Jesus is the cornerstone of my life and music and this has contributed to my upbringing. I was raised in church and it cultivated me. A lot of the stories and the way that I write originates from my church background and playing drums in the choir. From the beginning my family emphasized Jesus being the center of my life and with that He’s the center of my music.

TZ: How does it feel having two songs on the Reach Records Summer Playlist with other amazing artists?
Toyalove: It feels absolutely amazing. This was something that I wasn’t even expecting or looking for. It just happened. The moment that I sat down and focused on the music, my family, and Christ things began to elevate. I wasn’t looking to my right or my left but straight ahead. It was an honor and confirmation from God on somethings that I was struggling with.

TZ: What makes you think outside of the box when it comes to social media content?
Toyalove: I try my best to be creative and go against the wave. When you do what everyone else is doing you get lost in the stroll. I just try to be as authentic and relatable as I can be. No shock value post or attention seeking material. I want people to see my social media and know that they are getting me.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Toyalove: Everything that I have been doing in 2023, but with even more excellence and execution on a higher level. I want to make God proud and elevate the culture.

Recommended Songs by Toyalove – “Pressure”, “Protection”, “Encore”

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Kidd Lee
North Carolina’s very Own Kidd Lee is a humble beast. From a unique flow to great storytelling she is an amazing artist who puts Jesus in the forefront of her music. Her music speaks to the broken hearted and the unspeakable. Through her music you can hear her versatility, passion, and faith in Jesus. When it comes to music and her faith she is definitely the head and not the tail!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages
you convey through your lyrics?
Kidd Lee: In most of my music I talk about what Jesus has done for me and a lot of ways that Jesus has influenced my lyrics is me telling the things that he speaks to me when I go to the secret place. Usually every time I go to record a song I asked the Holy Spirit to please speak through me and whatever it is that the Holy Spirit wants me to say in a song I say it or wherever he wants me to go to in the word of God I’ll go to that scripture and I’ll incorporate it in the song. Usually, I never know what the song is going to be about once I start recording. I just let it flow. Jesus has definitely been a major help when it comes to my lyrics. It’s all the Holy Spirit. Also, I talk about the things that he’s brought me out of for others who may be currently going through that certain thing, so that they know there is hope and there is someone who has made it out of that certain thing through Jesus Christ.

TZ: What did you learn between the albums Chapter 20 and Jesus Saves?
Kidd Lee: Between the timeframe of those two albums I definitely went deeper into the word and my walk with Christ. I grew to be more spiritually mature, because with “Chapter 20” I was more so on milk spiritually. I learned how to use more scripture when it comes down to me making music. I also
learned how to make better hooks and a lot more versatility in that timeframe. “Chapter 20” was about finding my identity in Christ and walking into a new season, but Jesus Saves is mostly about deliverance and being saved out of bondage. There’s definitely a lot more scripture references in “Jesus Saves” than there is in “Chapter 20” and definitely a lot more melodic heartfelt stuff on “Jesus Saves”, so I definitely got into the melodic bag more on “Jesus Saves” and learned how to do that better.

TZ: What was the direction you and Kieran The Light were going for on the “I AM NOT The Same” EP?
Kidd Lee: We wanted to do our first ever collab EP since as long as me and Kieran have known each other, people have been saying that our flows complement each other, and that we should do a collab EP, but we still didn’t do it until God gave us the green light to go ahead and do it; and when we worked on it, we talked about how we wanted to reach so many people. To me this EP is pointing to the subject being made new in Christ and how the enemy will try to come at you with your past holding it against you, but we are transformed and made new through Christ Jesus and Jesus already dropped the charges. We also wanted to do a lot more of the back-and-forth stuff on that album, but also have on one of the songs me showing my ability to be able to create a hook that’s different than some of me and Kieran’s other stuff.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
Kidd Lee: Answer:Honestly, I’m not sure where God is going to bring Me in 2024, but I hope to reach & impact more people with the gospel & testimony through song, and see many more souls saved. You guys can definitely expect more visuals and much more music God willing.

Recommended Songs by Kidd Lee – “Head Not The Tail”, “Father In Heaven”, “Main Goal”

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JusRzd gives you that Virginia Soul music mix with Hip Hop, Gospel, R&B , Boom Bap and Trap just to name a few genres. He is a creative chameleon going from different genres to show his eloquent wordplay, creative cadences, soulful vibes, and melodic prowess. His desire is that you
the listeners will be motivated and encouraged to live out their purpose in life with his music. His message and freedom is found in Jesus which makes him a free soul!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the messages you convey through your lyrics?
JusRzd: For me, Jesus has influenced more than just lyrics and how I approach music. He has influenced my life. My life, experiences, family, and faith are what I convey through my music, so there is no way I could do any of what I’ve accomplished in life without Jesus being the head of my life. I
never saw myself rapping or doing music to the extent that I have so far and God gets all the glory and credit for however successful I am or become.

TZ: What is your writing process when it comes to melodies, cadences, and soulful songwriting?
JusRzd: Honestly, I just go with the vibe. I turn the beat on and let the Spirit speak. For every harmony or cadence I choose to use I just let it flow freely.

TZ: Do you approach collaborations different when you work with lyrical rappers vs melodic rappers?
JusRzd: No, I approach every record creatively free (if possible). Whether it’s my song or someone else’s song, I ask for a theme if they have one and I just go in.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
JusRzd: In 2023, I dropped a bunch of singles that were all creatively different and helped me expand my creativity. So in 2024 we are doing more of that. Also, I look forward to doing more in the sync placement field and drop actual EPs/Projects.

Recommended Songs by JusRzd – “Sometimes”, “Spirit Press”, “Iso Joe”

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TuKool Tiff
Charlotte’s Finest Tukool Tiff is known for her lyricism, incredible flows, and unique approach to hip hop. Her multifaceted flows are poetic, unconventional and unpredictable. She has a style that’s both intellectually engaging and artistically adventurous. She strives to not only be great at rapping, singing, songwriting, and producing, but she strives to point listeners to Jesus with her music. Her fusion of intellect and artistic expression is the salt you didn’t know you needed!

TZ: How has Jesus influenced your music and the
message you convey through your lyrics?
TuKool Tiff: Growing up I always knew I’d be a musician. I also grew up in the church. Ironically, I never thought I’d combine the two outside of playing drums in church. Jesus helped me open my 3. eyes to the dark and negative lyrics I listened to and created myself. That realization also helped me see how much I was limiting myself lyrically. The word of God and my relationship with Him has deeply enriched my life and my music in a way that is far more fulfilling and positively impactful to my audience.

TZ: What was it like collaborating with J.Monty on both “Enemies and Foes” and “Southside Sorrow”?
TuKool Tiff: J.Monty is such a dope friend first and foremost. Working with him was easy, because he’s a professional and very gifted at his craft from the writing (as we all know) to his mixing 4. skills! “Southside Sorrow” happened at the beginning of our friendship. He had heard a clip of my singing what we now hear on the track and expressed how well it would fit on the song! I was excited that he thought so highly of the clip! From there, he sent over the track and we got it done! I originally sent him “Enemies and Foes” just to get his thoughts on it. I produced and recorded it maybe a week before I worked up the guts to see what he thought of it. I was pleasantly surprised by his response! He called and was very enthusiastic about what he heard and started sharing some super dope ideas about the possibility of me being the first ever feature of his “Testify” series! Of  course I was super excited about it!!! I could not believe my ears when I heard his verse!! I knew that it would be a huge moment!! I am forever grateful that J shared that moment with me!

TZ: Why did you name your current project “Salt” ? What is your favorite song off of the project?
TuKool Tiff: The title of the project is based off of a portion of Jesus’ sermon on the mount. Specifically Matthew 5:13. I had recently heard the words “you are the salt of the earth” and it really gripped me. It gave me a deep desire to really understand what Jesus was saying. So it initially started as a personal Bible study. Then eventually I realized what God wanted to do with what I was learning. Thus came “Salt”. It’s always hard to choose a favorite song, because I love them all and I poured so much into each one. If I absolutely had to choose, I’d say my favorite at the moment is  “Salt”. It just hits! Scratches that hip hop itch! Aiko (@prodbyaiko) really nailed the production on that.

TZ: What can we expect from you in 2024?
TuKool Tiff: Honestly, it’s always safe to expect the unexpected from me. In 2024, I’m looking to continue the legacy of growth! More music of course! I’ve got some features on the way in 2024. Probably some unexpected ones. I’m hoping to possibly engage more on social media, but I don’t want to share too much so make sure you all stay locked in!! 

Recommended Songs by TuKool Tiff- “Playing in the Rain,” “Push It,” and “Too Big.”

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