Artist of the Week: Simplyollie

Artist of the week spotlight:

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing good this will be the first installment in my series where each week I pick an artist that I think you should be on the lookout for in 2024.

So you can add new music to your playlists and discover some really dope people.

Without further ado let’s get started, this week we have simplyollie.

Ollie is a really dope artist who made his debut in CHH in 2021, having previously made music before getting saved, Ollie had plenty of experience when he came onto the CHH scene.

Not only does he have an amazing testimony but he also seeks to make amazing music that draws you in closer to God.

The beginning of last year, 2023, saw Ollie in a difficult situation; circumstances behind the scenes and beyond his control caused all of his catalog to be taken down off of streaming platforms.

It wasn’t until mid 2023 that Ollie was able to re-record and get his previous projects and songs back onto all streaming platforms.

After some consideration and thought about what was next for him, Ollie decided to start releasing music again.

In late 2023 he started releasing a few singles with him deciding to drop bi-weekly this year, 2024, his newest song “Pack A Punch” came out this past Friday and he’s working on releasing an ep as well as an album.

Having a unique sound in CHH, I hope y’all take the time to check him out and stream his music. He’s one of my favorite artists and his music has impacted me and I pray it does the same for you.