Artist of the Week: Judo Sammy

Artist of the week spotlight: Judo Sammy

What’s up everyone, hope y’all are doing good this week! Welcome to the third installment in my Artist of the Week spotlight series, for this week I chose Judo Sammy .

Judo is not only a good friend of mine but he’s also a super dope CHH artist, he’s well known in the underground community and has even gained attention from bigger CHH artists like Hulvey , Zauntee, WHATUPRG and 350 as well as CHH producer and HEAVENONEARTH member killawatts.

Judo brings a unique sound to the CHH scene, with his Christ centered lyrics, wavy beats and his smooth, melodic delivery, he seeks to stand out in the space with his own sound.

Having first started releasing music in 2018, Sammy is somewhat of a veteran in the CHH scene especially among the underground community, with countless artists listing him as both an influence and a friend.

He released his breakthrough single “Phantom” in 2021, gathering almost 300k streams just on Spotify, he accompanied this song with a music video and a remix challenge.

Since then he released several other singles that became some of his biggest hits today, these include “Peel Out” which he did with his good friend and fellow CHH artist Lazarus, ”Jimmy Choo” with fellow CHH artists and friends Lazarus, Simplyollie and his good friend and producer CuBox who has produced for other CHH artists such as Tre’Gadd and Little Limbo . “Bang!” which gathered a lot of attention when he submitted it to artist Kaleb Mitchell‘s Twitch music review stream, drawing nothing but praise and even earning a second play from Kaleb on the stream, and “GO!” with fellow artist and producer krstian.

Judo released his debut album Pieces in 2020, followed by a slowed+reverb mixtape of his most popular and fan favorite songs entitled HYPERBOLIC in 2023, Judo is currently working on his second album; CAYA which stands for Come As You Are.

Through this album Judo seeks to encourage listeners to come as they are to God, as of now he has released two singles from the album “ANTIDOTE” and “NEW COLOGNE”. Coming off the heels of dropping his current single, “SAY SUM” which dropped this past Friday.

He’s still currently working on the album, making sure it’s the best work he’s put out, Judo shows no signs of slowing down.

He’s set to release a new single with fellow CHH WNDRFLYEllie entitled “Rush Hour” so make sure y’all stay on the lookout for that!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s segment and most importantly I hope you found another artist to add to your playlists, God bless and I hope y’all have an amazing day.