Artist of the Week: Alvin Cedric

Artist of the week spotlight: Alvin Cedric

What’s good y’all, hope you’re doing good this week!

Welcome to the second installment in my Artist of the Week segment, this week I chose Alvin Cedric.

Alvin is not only a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer but he’s also a good friend and someone I think deserves more attention.

Alvin is an 18 year old musician from France, he began releasing music in 2020 with his breakthrough happening in 2021 when he got CHH artist Miles Minnick on his song “Way Up”.

Alvin’s music ranges anywhere from pop, and rap to hyperpop to new jazz among other genres, he writes, records, mixes and produces his own songs as well as other people’s songs and also makes his own cover arts.

With features ranging from CHH artists; Tuvì, LLC Flame, Apex Frazier, Joseph Goulding, HYLEM and A3 to hyperpop artist CieMie with whom he has a song dropping this Friday, and producer credits for: Apex Frazier, HYLEM, SiahThyLegend, Swaizy and CieMie.

Alvin released his self titled ep in 2021 and his debut album Remedy in 2022, establishing himself not only as an artist but also establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

His music has an ability to draw you in with his honest lyrics, catchy music, gathering inspiration from artists like Justin Bieber, brakence, Aries, Ryan Hall, Kayden and Kid LAROI. Alvin is an artist who deserves your attention and an artist I see blowing up this year.

You can drop him a follow here and stream his music here.

I hope that through this you’ll find a new underrated artist to listen to and support as well as find some new music to add to your playlists.