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Single Christians Revamp Your Social Life

It’s a new day for single believers. Can you feel it? I was praying this past week and it dawned on me that I am not in the same place. Well, Russelyn, just what do you mean you may ask. Having been single for many years I’ve experienced some ups and downs in life—that hit differently when you’re single. Life as a single has allowed me to experience depression, questioning myself, things, and people, but that day is over.

All I see are opportunities. These aren’t the same opportunities I used to write about. These opportunities are new. While I am appreciating all of the gifts of singleness: Getting up and going when I like, not having small children to look after, or having time for my passions. I’m appreciating the joy of being open and the result of meeting new people with no requirement for commitment until I know in my heart it is it.

There has been much practical wisdom missing for singles who desire to please God. Important wisdom like it’s okay to date. However, you need to know who you are and have boundaries unique to you and your values in place. With these things in place along with our foundation in Christ and seeking to please him first—we cannot lose.

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