Apollos716 Multi-Track Review | @Apollos716 @forthelovehiphop

In this review, 5 different tracks with 5 different sounds from Apollos716 will be covered, leaving you with a higher percentage of finding something you’ll like and increasing your chances of digging into his catalog.

“Precious”-When listening to “Precious,” you’ll be immediately greeted by a guitar led instrumental that will put you at ease. Apollos starts his verse with “I woke up this morning, I’m feeling good. I gotta give a special thanks to my Lord,” letting you know that this song is focused on a thankful, warm feeling. His joyful verses are complimented by Damar Dowell who pours out a soulful performance while interpolating “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus.” This song is an excellent compliment to a Saturday afternoon.

“Givem a Word”-Apollos gives his listeners a word on this track, namely the good word and message of Jesus and his sacrifice for the world. You’ll be pleasantly met by a smooth saxophone sample the moment the song starts, that will put you in an introspective state of mind. Dave Stewy swoops in singing, “if Jesus vouched for you…you should vouch for him too,” on the chorus. This song isn’t meant to blow your mind with incredible lyricism or any crazy adlibs. Instead Apollos and Dave Stewy get right to the point and inspire the listener to share the Gospel with others.

“Fig Leaves”-If you’re a fan of multiple verses in a song when it comes to rap music, look no further than “Fig Leaves.” The first 2 verses that Apollos spits are over a trap style instrumental, covering topics like avoiding the snakes that dwell among us, turning to the Gospel for strength, and more. Before the 3rd verse starts, the instrumental transitions into a darker, more spaced out sound. Throughout the song, Apollos experiments with different flows to avoid from being too predictable. “Fig Leaves” is sure to keep you guessing from start to finish.

“Frankincense”-To set the tone on this track, Apollos begins with a brief spoken explanation of what the 3 wisemen brought to baby Jesus and of what importance each gift held. After frankincense is listed, the song truly begins, with a booming beat and bouncy flow from Apollos. The theme of the song doesn’t stray too far from the title, but Apollos’s creativity allows him to make things not get too stale throughout. He even compares frankincense to “Jesus Christ Dior,” which you won’t hear anywhere else. Apollos attempts to give biblical storytelling while still being entertaining on this track.

“Carry On”-Avid hip hop listeners will be thrown for a loop by hearing the vocal sample at during the intro of “Carry On,” which also served as the chorus for the remainder of the track. Apollos opts for a Memphis style flow, beat, and aura without coming off as too far of a reach for the Buffalo rapper. Lyrics such as, “Shoutsout to my Savior, them shackles gone, that’s major,” will have you feeling confident in your salvation as a believer in Christ without having to compromise your taste in hip hop. “Carry On” sounds best while being played loud in a vehicle or over good speakers. This is the type of track to get a crowd reaction at a concert or to get people on their feet at a party.