Adamariz Teams Up With Nu Tone and Noexcuse On “CAMINO” | @adamarizrap @trackstarz

“CAMINO” ft. Nu Tone & Noexcuse is a hype song about Jesus being the way, and us following Him. All 3 of us emphasize how we follow Jesus through the good and the bad. We know that He will lead us and protect us. With a catchy hook from Noexcuse, and Nu Tone’s West Coast flow, it was only right I went bilingual for this one. The beat which was produced by Jericko has a dope switch up for the second verse which is more rap-like whereas verse one was more chill. The overall vibe is summer, which the cover art shows us with the ocean, footprints, palm trees, and beautiful sunset. Which all happen to be themes throughout a lot of my songs. The cover art also depicts the sunsetting which symbolizes the end of the Spanish Summer Season for me and how I will follow Jesus till the end!


In 2014, Adamaris would pick up a pencil and write her first song. She continued writing and sharing her songs with close friends for various years until one friend finally convinced her to release a song. As time passed, Adamaris became Longliveadamariz and she built an extensive discography including her first official single I vs. Y’all released in November of 2017. She would then continue to release 5 albums, 5 EP’s, and over 20 singles on streaming platforms and over 100 remixes and freestyles on her YouTube channel. In her last EP @FINDING MYSELF she announced her separation from longliveadamariz. She acknowledged the many successes she had as longliveadamariz such as over 90 thousand streams on Oceans Remix and over 65 thousand streams on LONGLIVEADAMARIZ: THE SEQUEL . Her fans accepted this last EP with open ears as it reached over 30 thousand streams in less than a month. Her first single as “adamariz” Savage – Extended was released January 31, 2022. Her follow up single, My Fault (I’m Sorry) ft 350 surpassed over 20,000 streams after being out for only a month. On March 23 she dropped yet another single, HWY 90  ft. JAH3IM. She plans to continue to release a song a month throughout the year as well as some collaborations that have been teased. In addition, she hopes to continue to inspire others and bring to light the many challenges the youth face in this day and age.