Testimony Does His New Single “CHH” | @testimony__muzic @trackstarz

My name is Albert Laird, I go by Testimony, and  I’m 38 years old currently residing in Deland, FL with my wife and kids.
I was a secular rapper over 10 years ago, ultimately stepping away from the mic to focus on being a father. I was leading a life of sin, feeding vices from lust to alcohol when I found Christ through a new friend. I have put out three Christian hip hop albums, titled ‘Heaven or Hollywood’, ‘Heaven or Hollywood Bonus Album’ and, the most recent, ‘CHH Caviar’, all showcasing my personal testimony and tribute to Christ. My song “CHH” came to me after being asked about my plans and intentions with my music, my ministry. The song is a light reminder that we are all human, and thus, still sinners, despite our walk in faith. Although the industry also struggles with the flesh, we are all children of the same merciful Father. All glory to God.
You can find out more about Testimony at: https://linktr.ee/_Testimony_?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=980711d8-fdc6-4455-87b1-d68431ac48fd