Reflect Addresses The Double Standard Of America In His New Single “New Fredrick” | @reflectdartist @trackstarz

Banging conscious Christian Hip hop combined with lyrical tenacity aware & unafraid to confront a political arena devoid of the Golden Rule towards Black & Brown Communities.   Reflect was studying the life of Frederick Douglass when the Jan 6th riots happened while watching police brutality escalate. He observed the same double standard in today’s times that Frederick experienced in his lifetime. Outraged by the hypocrisy of America in its handling of white supremacy & racism, this message emerged from his heart.

Hailing from Queens NY, Reflect unapologetically created music that impacts his community and speaks to our culture today. Being a true embodiment of HipHop, lyricism has always mattered most. His unique approach to music pulls from influential names like; Lupe, Jay and Nas. Reflect acknowledges, “It was artists like DMX, Cross movement, and Japhia life that broke the mold and showed me that you can rap about God and journey with him without it being corny. It was fire.” Music isn’t the only way Reflect makes an impact. Being an educator, justice minister and community leader with youth to seniors, who are also battling poverty and systemic injustices, is just as important. Expanding the conversation in Hip Hop around justice, fighting systems and worshiping God is the backbone of his life work.
Next up, Reflect is working on releasing his new album: ‘New History’. “This is a progression of my journey as a Black man, Christian, Husband, Artist, Activist, Educator and Minister.” This project digs deeper into Reflect’s family history and how it’s connected to the broader history of this nation. Reflect shares, “Its my hope that this project can be a soundtrack to those in the fight for justice.”