How to Hold on to Jesus When Others are Letting Go |@intercession4ag @trackstarz

What’s up IFG Tribe (Intercession for a Generation.) If you’ve been rocking with me since I started the blog, you probably know the tagline: To teach a generation the heart of God and the way of the Lord. This is still foundational to the blog even though I write on a host of issues that affect the lives of believers. I want to share some key points in how to hold on to Jesus when others are letting him go.

We are in the world and not of the world. Thus, we have to have both spiritual and practical wisdom to live in a way that honors God in this life. With that said, I have to buckle down and share some of what I’ve been seeing and praying about. We had a brother from one of the most Iconic groups in Christian Hip-hop remove himself from the faith last month.

There is another woman who considers herself a Christian who has written a book that creates her own rules for wrong and right aside from what the Bible teaches. On an almost regular basis, we are hearing of people becoming popular in the Christian hip-hop world or church arenas that are turning aside to homosexuality, lesbianism, and secular humanism to worship themselves instead of Christ.

These things are not okay. How does one hold on to Jesus when influencers and former musicians are turning away from the faith or preaching a compromised gospel? Below are some tips to help us to avoid falling away like the many that we see.

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