Dee-1 Teams Up With “My Bruddas” 1K Phew and Aha Gazelle In Latest Music Video | @dee1music @1kphew @ahagazelle @trackstarz

Dee-1 is in full on album mode and gives us a taste of ‘Finding Balance’ with his new single and music video “My Bruddas.”

In this song, Dee-1 tags in 1K Phew and Aha Gazelle as they speak on the importance of brotherhood and knowing who is in your circle. Phew speaks of the things he used to do and how some of his homies got caught up. One of his friends was incarcerated for four years, but Phew quips that the only reason his friend had to serve more is because folks told on him.

Aha comes in right after Phew talking about how things aren’t what they look like. He thought that drugs would numb the pain but they just made him colder. “When you hop in that water you might find out that you Jonah,” Aha spits on his verse.

Dee-1 rounds out the verse with a hard hitting verse about knowing who is around you and how to listen to the Spirit when it comes to people that you shouldn’t mess with. Dee-1 isn’t here for any newfound friends as he spits, “If I don’t know where yo mama stay, I cain’t let you know where I sleep.”

The song rounds out behind the theme of brotherhood as Aha sings, “My Bruddas, my Bruddas, same Father but different mothers.” When your back is against the wall all you have in this world is family. Whether bound by DNA or the blood of Christ, sometimes all you can depend on is “My Bruddas.”

The song and video are available now. What did you thing of this latest single? Are you excited for Dee-1’s forthcoming album?