Where Can Christian Single Women Find Single Christian Men to Date?|@intercession4ag @russelynwilliams @trackstarz

Where can devout Christian single women find Single Christian men of God to date? This is the question on every dating and relationship platform. The idea of readily available Christian women who cannot find readily available Christian men. The answer is always the same when we hear from the brothers. They share that men of God are everywhere. Just like women of God go out and kick it with their girls, or have dope hobbies they participate in; Men do the same things.

I believe as Christians we can sometimes get caught up in limiting mindsets that keep us stuck in unbelief. Case and point, the lack of belief that there are quality single Christian men available. Or, the mindset that we have to meet a quality man at a Christian event, or else it isn’t God. Finally, the limiting mindset that dating or putting ourselves out there to meet people is somehow sinful.

The truth is we may not meet a single Christian man at a church, a Christian conference, a Christian concert, or a Christian poetry set. Many of the Christian labeled events have primarily women there. A good number of the balanced single Christian men there are already married, and some of the single Christian men just aren’t checking for us at those events for whatever reason.

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