Dealing w/Those Who Project Their Issues Onto Us: |@intercession4ag @russelynwilliams @trackstarz

What does projecting onto someone mean?

It is interesting how being in bondage makes others feel comfortable while walking in freedom can trigger others making them feel the opposite. People see the result of your process to freedom, but they do not see your struggle as you humbly worked your way through your own personal process. Have you ever experienced someone making you the target of their personal pain and issues instead of dealing with the cause of their pain and issues? I have. This is how someone begins projecting onto someone—when someone projects their issues of how they feel onto you as if you are responsible for it when you are not. This is a trap to distract and discourage you from your progress and to pull you back down into a place of bondage.

Let’s look at King David in the Bible who dealt with this regarding King Saul. David went through his process as a shepherd of sheep. He worked diligently in an isolated place. He was despised and discarded to be nothing more than the shepherd of the sheep. His brothers made fun of him. He was not taken seriously by others due to his youth and he was not preferred when Samuel came to his home looking for a king. God had to speak to Samuel to convince him not to judge David by how he appeared, but by his heart.

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