Kendall Williams Brings in Zaytoven and Project Pat to Remix ‘Trap Gospel’ | @kendallwms @trackstarz

(Oct. 15) – Shining the light of Jesus in all aspects of his life, Kendall Williams captures the sounds of his generation, the struggles they face, and the gospel to create music that joyfully broadcasts the hope of Jesus. Today, Williams joins forces with legendary producer Zaytoven and veteran artist Project Pat to bring Jesus’ light to the streets with “Trap Gospel Remix.” The song bears the name of William’s project Trap Gospel, which dropped earlier this year. Also on the album, Parris Chariz and Kid Tris joined Williams to spread the gospel.

The song is a declaration and prayer for those struggling to stay true to Christ. Williams himself has had to fight to stay away from his old life that placed him in jail. Williams with his rap/sing style and Project Pat with his old school cadences describe their lifestyles of hustling before fostering a relationship with Christ. On the chorus, Williams lays out a prayer for the strength to resist temptation and his friends who don’t know Jesus as their savior. With Zaytoven as a hype man on the track, how can this not be a banger?

“This is for anybody riding around with the Bible on dashboard and a trunk full of work. God loves them even the ones still living in sin and hustling in the trap. Nobody is perfect, and God loves us all,” Williams said. “He has big plans for all our lives, even for the hustlers. Take it from me, I used to bring work to the trap, but now he sent me to bring the gospel!”

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