Black Women: You Are Worthy of Love |@intercession4ag @trackstarz

Even though this article is specific to Black women, if you’re not Black, but still a woman, I hope you see yourself as worthy of real love too. My audience isn’t limited to Black women. However, I wanted to address this due to some challenges within the Black community that I see.

Some Black women secretly ask themselves if they’re worthy of love. Many of us have gone back and forth with our ability to believe that genuine love can happen for us. With the varying statistics that show a rise in single Black women that have never been married and false interpretations of these stats that say that the Black woman is unwanted; it’s no wonder some Black women are struggling to feel worthy of real love.

I’ve had to use discernment in the rooms I enter on Clubhouse as there have been bad advice given to women by some Black men to lower their standards to receive love. We all know lowering our standards, removing our boundaries, and throwing off our value system will not produce real love. It will produce more of the statistics that we are trying to avoid like the 72% of Black moms being single moms.

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