North Carolina Artist Questsan Drops His New Single “Kooking” | @questsan @adaywithnat @whoismrgp @trackstarz

Bio: Questsan, a Charlotte, NC native, is an aspiring artist who has an unorthodox and versatile style. His goal is to interject a message of grace, love and hope into the lives of people in search of true life. He classifies himself as a ‘Hip Hope’ artist. The name ‘Quest’ comes from his mission to bring truth and inspiration to others. His inspirations as a young man were, Jesus Christ, and his father, other influences include Tupac, Kool G Rap, Nas, Jay-Z, AZ and the list goes on. In a decade, Questsan sees himself still serving his purpose in life.

Song: “Kooking” featuring Natman and Mr. GP

Producer: Buckroll Beats

Twitter: @questsan, @adaywithnat, @whoismrgp



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