Getting To Know L3XDIVINE Interview | @l3xdivine @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Trackstarz sat down with L3XDIVINE to learn more about her and hear more of her story. If you don’t know who she is, then get familiar and stay tuned, great things are ahead for her.

TZ: First and foremost, for those who don’t know you, who are you? Who is L3XDIVINE?

LD: I’m just a regular chick from the West Side that loves God, that does music, and is pretty chill. I love God, I love people, and I love music.

TZ: I’ve been in a couple of Clubhouse rooms with you and found out that you are actually from Las Vegas! What brought you from the West Coast to the Midwest? I assure you there’s nothing out here!

LD: *L3X breathes out a sigh before answering* Blame Jesus! But no actually I submitted for a rap showcase at Legacy Conference in Chicago, and I already had family in St. Louis. So on my way to the show I stopped and visited them. Since they share a river, it’s nothing to visit my family and go straight from there to Chicago. I went to the show and did my thing and when I came back to see my family, the Lord told me, “Don’t leave.” I was obedient and have been in St. Louis ever since then, since 2015.

TZ: Talk about your start in music. Did you start on the secular side? The Christian side? Talk to us about how young L3X got her start in music.

LD: *L3X laughs before launching into her explanation* I started as a singer songwriter Yeah I grew up with a church background but my mom left the church at a young age, so we were in a space where we could listen to anything as long as it wasn’t too vulgar. I grew up listening to mainstream music and started writing mainstream songs. When I was eighteen, I did my first song at a studio and that was mainstream. I had never recorded anything before that, except when I was a little kid with a karaoke machine. I would sing and record on the tape, I don’t think ya’ll know about that. So yeah I would sing and hear my ideas play back to me. I got saved young, so when I hit nineteen it was over from there. I transitioned from writing love songs to more Gospel centered music.

TZ: what was your first introduction to this world of CHH?

LD: So my Introduction to CHH was FLAME, he was the first artist I listened to.

TZ: Do you remember what year?

LD: It had to have been 2004.

TZ: that would have been his first album, I believe.

LD: Yeah. It came on a burned CD. *L3X laughs* It was one of them joints. They were like, “Whatever we gotta do to cover our youth,” and they gave me one. I don’t remember what song, I wasn’t trying to listen to it for real. Of course there’s Lecrae “Riding with my top down listening to this Jesus Muzik.” My best friend put me on to that one, she was super duper saved in high school. So yeah, I would say those were my first two experiences with CHH as far as being a consumer.

TZ: Do you remember your first Christian Rap song that you wrote?

LD: My first one, this is crazy, I might have been nineteen or twenty for sure. I wanted to see if I could do it because I was producing my own stuff at the time and was starting to take singing and songwriting seriously. I went to a youth explosion and JGivens was there, and this was before I knew who he was or anything. There was a part where they asked who wanted to freestyle and I thought I would just go up and see or whatever. It had no title but it was back in like 2011 or 2012, sometime around there.

This is just the surface of the artist known as L3XDIVINE! Stay tuned every Tuesday in April for more installments of this interview with L3XDIVINE. Next week, we’ll get into L3X’s first record on streaming platforms and her acceptance within the CHH space.