Oh-So and OnBeatMusic “All Bad Single” Featuring Jon Keith And Dillon Chase | @not_ohso @onbeatmusic @jonkeith @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Producers Oh-So and OnBeatMusic joined forces to drop the single “All Bad.” Hip hop artists Jon Keith and Dillon Chase jumped on the song to provide the emotional and hard hitting lyrics. This song finds both emcees struggling with living in this fallen world and their biggest opponents are themselves. With lines like, “A God sized hole in a man sized heart,” from Keith and sentiments like, “And then I turn back from His presence, give my flesh a second/ but it turns to seasons, now I’m knee deep in deception,” from Dillon, this record is bound to strike a chord with the listener.

What do you think of this single? Do you want to see more collaborations between Oh-So and OnBeatMusic? A whole project perhaps? Let us know what you think!