Aklesso Releases Debut Album | @aklsso @goodcitymusic @trackstarz

At long last, Aklesso has released his debut album ‘My Life Is A Beautiful Mess.’ According to Aklesso, this album has been four years in the making. This thirteen song body of work doesn’t just tell Aklesso’s story it speaks for many. In today’s climate, it takes courage to drop your debut project. Show Aklesso […]

Wande Releases New EP “The Decision” | @omgitswande @reachrecords @trackstarz

Wande has been blowing up lately with her Apple placement and companies that clearly don’t know her brand or audience reaching out for collaborations. Wande dropped her debut project, ‘Exit,’ back in April and today she released an EP ‘The Decision.’ This three song EP finds Wande in her bag with the boos and the […]

Street Hymns Releases “Happy Holidays?” Album | @streethymns @trackstarz

Street Hymns AKA Holiday Hymns, dropped an amazing Christmas project ‘Happy Holidays?’ Hymns is known more for his battle rapping and “nerd bars” but he’s actually an accomplished musician and artist. On this project, Hymns uses his own thoughts to expound on how the holidays aren’t happy for many people, especially those in his age […]

Jon Keith Releases “Rose” Single | @jonkeith @rmgamplify @trackstarz

Jon Keith just released his first single since announcing his departure from King’s Dream Entertainment. His latest song “Rose” finds Jon in his bag. Make sure you check it out and run Jon’s numbers all the way up. Check out the single below! What do you think of Jon Keith’s latest single.