L3XDIVINE Encourages Listener To “Wake Up” In New Single | @l3xdivine @trackstarz

L3XDIVINE is a woman of all trades. Fresh off  of melting everyone’s face off with  her entry in Andy Mineo’s “Jackson Pollock” challenge(which she won by the way), L3X released the dreamy single “Wake Up.”

The single was produced, recorded, mixed, and the video was shot entirely by L3XDIVINE herself, and it was different. She bought some bedding and along with her grandmother, set up the box spring from her room for the set up seen in the video. It felt awkward to her but DIVINE knew it was an idea she knew the Holy Spirit didn’t want her to sleep on.

The song itself is all about enlightenment. L3XDIVINE is speaking from a perspective that Satan has lulled many into building lives for themselves instead of for the Kingdom. L3X knows that it’s a battle, which is why she’s arguing with herself in the video. Overall, L3XDIVINE believes that now is not the time to be sleeping. Instead we are to be wide awake and working for and living for God.

Purchase and then stream the single and check out the video below. Be sure to visit her IG to see her “Jackson Pollock” entry! What do you think of the video and the single?