Build Your Own Dreams Releases Debut Single “U.N.I.T.Y” | @justbyod_ @theerinnaffect @trackstarz

Build Your Own Dreams Records is a record label unlike any other. This label, co-founded by Erinn Knight and Brandon Boone, puts artists in the driver seat. This label seeks to really help artists build up their own dreams and take over the music industry.

While they have yet to announce any artists signings, they still have music they’ve released. Their first double single “U.N.I.T.Y” is the songs “You ‘N I” and “Thank You” which spells “Unity.”  Kaleb Mitchell executive produced the first single and featured Aaron Cole, Ahnty, and Troop Brand. The second song was executive produced by Jon Keith and features DJ Mykael V, Dj4:12, Parris Charriz, Tokyo.ExtraOrdinaire, and Wande. Erinn Knight also makes an appearance at the end of the song.

The coolest thing about these songs is that all of the funds from these songs will go to the BYOD Fund, which will be used to send black artists to therapy. Erinn Knight is a big believer in therapy, and wants to give artists access to resources they might not have.

Check out the songs below and keep playing them on repeat, each play is making a change. Which song is your favorite, and who do you think Build Your Own Dreams should sign?