A Robotic Mentality of Marriage Instead of a Human Mentality| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Routines are good because they can help us to practice discipline, but routines can be harmful when the importance of a routine takes precedence over intimacy and genuine mental and emotional connection in a marriage. Being robotic in a sense where work becomes more important than seeing that there is something wrong with your spouse can become an issue. Resentment can become a natural reaction and a wedge of separation is formed.

Take, for example, a couple who normally goes to church on Sunday. The husband takes the trash out every Tuesday, kisses his wife, and everything seems fine. The wife is taken care of financially, talks all day to her husband, cooks, and everything is fine. Let’s say the man breaks the routine and doesn’t want to talk so much. Maybe, he starts to withdraw and even picks up some bad habits that aren’t characteristic of a Christian and not what the godly wife expects.

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