Why I Agree that Some Single Women Do Not Care to Take Accountability | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Recently, I was made aware of a show called “The Talk Back” series by Poet Ezekiel Azonwu. He has a YouTube channel called “The Azonwus” where his series can be watched. It’s an experiment where there are three urban men and three urban women who are seated with their backs turned toward one another. They ask each other questions and respond freely without seeing the facial reactions of the others.

During part 1, the ladies ask each of the men why they are single and the first brother shared that many single Christian women do not take personal accountability. Further, he shared that many single Christian women do not know what accountability is. He went on to make the point sharing that many women have dealt with such low-quality men; that they have not honestly had to look at themselves taking responsibility for where they fall short because they’re so distracted by the low-quality men.

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