Uzuhan Releases New Album ‘The Uncanny’ | @uzuhanmusic @trackstarz

Today Atlanta based hip hop artist, Uzuhan, released his newest album ‘The Uncanny.’ This album according to Uzuhan is, “an exploration of aesthetics in pop culture which are frightening, repulsive, and distressing.” Perhaps the best summation of this is the song “State Of The Times.” The project is available wherever you listen to music. What’s […]

New Podcast:! Rhyan Lamarr | Film & Music Production | @lamarrrhyan @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz In this episode I have Rhyan Lamarr, film producer and music artist. He is the creator of the film Canal Street and also has just released a new album aPERFECTmess. We talk about his come up through school, being homeless, then to his current success. Check out his film at Stream or buy […]