Are you Ready to Date Series Pt. 5: Not Everyone Will Get Married| @Trackstarz @Intercession4ag

This is part four of a Six-part series about our current view of singleness at this stage in life. This is inspired by my latest book, Patterns of the Heart: Discernment in Choosing a Potential Spouse. Consider taking the quiz at the link in the bottom and continue to follow this series to find out more insight on what the quiz means.

Question # 6

Did God show you if he has a spouse for you? If yes, how so?

  1. Yes, in my spirit, 40 %
  2. Yes, through a prophet, 0%
  3. Yes through a and b, 20%
  4. No, 40%

Not everyone will get married. I think some people who don’t pay attention to my writings but follow me briefly on social media assume that I teach that everyone will get married. That’s not true nor is it Biblical. The Bible is clear and common sense is clear that not everyone will get married, but to those God has personally made a promise concerning marriage; God’s word will not come back void. I am one of those women.

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