The Importance of Wholeness Before Entering a Relationship – Part I | @Intercession4ag @Trackstarz

Wholeness is a very important thing to have in our lives prior to entering into a relationship, but before we share key points on why it’s so important, we have to first define what wholeness is. Wholeness has a lot to do with how we see things. When we see things properly, we can prevent ourselves from having crippling perspectives that cause us to become stagnant in life.

Often, negative experiences and circumstance are what cause us to have perspectives that aren’t appropriately balanced. For example, the woman who proclaims that all men are out to use her and discard her probably has an imbalanced perspective. Why? Because she has discounted all of the men out there who are willing to love, protect, and honor her for who she is.

Out of the wrong perspectives grow other things such as pessimism, fear, a cold-shoulder, or being excessively guarded––all because an improper perspective was not dealt with. When we become whole individuals, there is a settling, rest, and peace in truly balanced perspectives.  We are healthy in our thinking about ourselves, and others which results in healthy actions and decisions made for every area of our lives. Even the Bible discusses how important wholeness is to prosper in life.

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