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“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1 NJKV

it’s a new year. It’s a new decade. it’s 2020! A lot of people will be cliché and use 2020 for having a vision for your life. There’s an old saying that hindsight is 2020. There will be a lot of plays off of the concept of eyesight and things of that nature. Nothing wrong with that. Especially when you’re using it to propel you further into your purpose and to be the person God has called you to be.  Just don’t get so tied up in the cliché that you forget the real meaning. It’s about finding your purpose and walking in the plan of God for your life.

There are so many things that we try to substitute for the real plan of God. We settle for the things that are here in the natural. We settle for the things that we can see, touch, taste and smell because we feel like those things are what is real. Car, clothes, men, women, sex, drugs and status all make us feel like we’ve obtained something. In some cases we could have all those things and really gain nothing at all.

In 2020 let’s take time to reset, rebuild and sure up the foundation of who we really are as people for the plan of God. Double down on what we know God has placed on our hearts to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean preaching from the pulpit. You could be called to sing, clean bathrooms, or be a locksmith. Do it to the best of your ability to the glory of God.

It doesn’t have to be named Glory To God Plumbers to be a plumbing company that glorifies God. You could just be Smith & Sons Plumbing but the character of you have as an owner, the way you handle your business and how you treat your customers all glorifies God.

Faith is the substance. God is not just some complex, unknown abstract being. He is real and can be known on a personal level on a daily basis. When we put our trust in God and walk according to his word we become that substance. He wants to have a real and personal relationship with each and everyone of us. In having that relationship, yes, God can bless us with material things, but always remember the substance is you. That’s real.

That leads us to our Throwback Theology Song of the Week.  This is from Reach Records own Andy Mineo.  This is from his Reach debut project, “Formerly Known.”  The featured track is called “Fools Gold” and features Sho Baraka.  Tune into the first episode of Trackstarz for 2020 to hear DJ Jeremaya spin this for the Throwback Theology Song of the Day.  Until next time…


Peace and blessings,