Patience in the Process | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! Man, this week, I wanted to delve into a subject that has been wrecking my mind since Sunday. It is about how to be okay while in the process. Nowadays, we live in a world of instant gratification, and we desire to be at our destination just as quickly. There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to be at our destination, but why aren’t we okay with being in the “meantime”? Why can’t we enjoy and learn in the period leading up to the result, or the destination? Truthfully speaking, we will not reach our destination until we are united with Jesus once again in Heaven. For this week, I really want to dig into some examples to help us see that it is okay to go through the process in order to be refined for our destination.

Let’s look at the people of Israel. In the book of Exodus, God gave His people a vision of a promised land. This land is described as, “a land flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 3:8). How many of us have received a promise or have a desire from God, and you just want to show up at that place? I know I have, and I still do feel that way. I just want to be at that place. To be totally vulnerable with you all, I get annoyed at times knowing what I am called to do, but it feels like I am always on the way there. I just want to be there. Can anyone relate? What helps my mind be at peace is reading about the Israelites. They were taken out of slavery but then wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before they could enter the promised land. That gives me perspective and peace in my heart that the reason for the process is to be refined to be able to handle what God has for me down the road.

Another amazing example is of Joseph. When Joseph was only 17, he had very detailed dreams about his future. God was imparting into Joseph a plan that was more than anything he could imagine. Scripture says that Joseph had two dreams. The first dream, Joseph dreamt that, “We were tying up bundles of grain out in the field. Suddenly my bundle stood up straight. Your bundles gathered around my bundle and bowed down to it” (Genesis 37:6). In the second dream, Joseph dreamt that the sun, moon, and 11 stars were bowing down to him. Those are quite the dreams. Little did he know it, but God was impregnating Joseph with a dream to rule a nation. I feel the same thing, that God has put something in us, whether it be a dream or passion. We need to become people that as we journey through our lives, we need to have peace that the plans that God has for us are for our good and for a strong purpose. That should give us peace that our trials are not wasted, nor are they a punishment. They are for our refining. You cannot have a diamond that hasn’t gone through pressure to be made.

Ultimately what I am saying, is that even when we feel far off from our purpose, we really aren’t far off in all reality. We need to see the ‘desert’ as a training ground for us to be stretched to handle a wider capacity of blessings. As we become more faithful with the small things, God will bless us with more and more. Because the Israelites were faithful, though inconsistent, God still guided them to the promised land. Even Joseph was sold into slavery, and went to prison, and was downgraded, the Lord was still moving on Joseph’s behalf, and he became a ruler in Egypt. If we stay consistent, I bet God will work mighty wonders through our processes and trials.

So I challenge us all to really dig into what God has put into our hearts. We need to change our mindsets that trials and meantimes are used to help us grow. Don’t rush into everything. Take your time and let your dream and passions develop. In due time, the tree will bear fruit. Stay patient in the process.

Much Love,

Ryan W.