No, this isn’t going to be a post about the Netflix documentary. This is going to be a discussion about maintaining good heath while living the entrepreneurial life though. One thing I have noticed in conversations with entrepreneurs is the difference in the focus on health when getting started in their business ventures. Some people tend to gain weight and others fight to make sure they maintain a good healthy lifestyle. Some people are in the middle. One thing I want to make sure everyone is doing is being proactive living a healthy lifestyle rather than let it slip away.

One entrepreneur from the North Shore Advisory talked about working way more than 40 hrs a week in his home office and in that kind of environment he would often snack on unhealthy foods. I think as we work from a home office on computer tasks, we can get bored and turn to snacks as a way to help keep us entertained. We can often push off exercise to a later time and never actually do it. The other hard thing about staying healthy as an entrepreneur is that we are the ones at the top of the company. We are responsible for putting out all the fires that occur in our businesses. Stress is a huge problem with health and can cause people to gorge on food to help work their way through problems. The mental drain can also cause a physical drain that will cause you to not want to work out. This gentleman ended up changing his lifestyle for the better and his work efficiency got better as he got healthier.

Another entrepreneur I talked with said that he was able to maintain a healthier lifestyle better since becoming an entrepreneur. This is in part to making his own schedule and having time to cook his own meals and not going to fast food places on the way to work. He also maintains a consistent exercise regimen.

These two entrepreneurs have different health habits living as entrepreneurs. This shows two things. The first is that you are not alone if you struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle being self-employed. The other is that it is possible to change those bad habits and replace them with good ones. I would also stress that if you are not taking care of yourself as best as you can, your company is probably also not getting the best care either. So make sure you take control of both and better the health of yourself and your company.

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