The Life Of An Artist: Get Off The Stage| Blog| @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

It’s 2017 and it seems as if there are more people wanting to be artists than ever. The thirst is so real it’s funny. As much as everyone wants to be on the big stage, it’s not for everyone. Many artists claim to be different, but why not actually do something different. I am cordially inviting more artists to…. Get off the stage.

I didn’t realize how viable art was and how much value it brings to life, but now I’m starting to. I believe as much value as the art brings the artist deserves to be compensated just as much. This is a note for my artists: if your art is bringing value, perhaps that’s why no one wants to pay you. Art is much bigger than a stage and shouldn’t be limited to such.

There are so many avenues for artists to get involved that pay better than shows on a stage. If you are a visual artist, there are many stores and companies looking for someone to paint murals on their property. You can make a couple of thousand dollars per mural, that’s nothing to sneeze off. For my performing artists, there are many opportunities to win fellowships that will pay you to make and teach art. If you write, there are greeting card companies and blogs always seeking writers and pay nice amounts of money for your work. There are various amounts of opportunities for artists and a lot of them are off stage.

Art encompasses every aspect of life and every company needs what artists have to offer. Only a select few people can think creatively and manifest that vision in real life. If you can do that and provide a need for Corporate America and other spaces, then there are no real limits on where you can go. People dumb down art and artists to stages and galleries but we are much more than that. I submit that you may find more fruitful rewards if you put your pride and ego to the side and get off the stage. Remember: the life of an artist isn’t for the faint of heart.