An Invitation to Wholeness Through Submission to Christ| BLog| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Is God requiring you to submit a particular area of your life over to Him? Last week, I was reminded of the familiar story of when Jacob wrestled with God. I had always been curious about this story and how it could apply to my life. Well, last week is when the Lord would give me revelation on this story that directly applies to my personal life.

Just before Jacob settles into a place where he wrestles with God; he is confronted with his past. This past of his brings about anxieties within him that cause him to fear for his very life. In his past, he had tricked his brother, Essau, out of his birthright. The last encounter that he had with his brother was that of an angry Essau, who desired to kill his brother.

Years had gone by since Jacob and Essau had talked. Seeing how he did not leave his brother on peaceful terms,  his lack of knowing what to expect from this meeting with his brother only produced much fear and anxiety. He devised ways to keep the situation under control by sending his servants to the front of his entourage to offer gifts, and splitting his entourage into two companies saying if one is attached perhaps the other can get away. After, Jacob did everything within his power to pacify his brother in preparation to meet him, he prayed to the Lord.

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