My Introduction To Trackstarz| Blog| @iamjeremaya @trackstarz

I always wanted to be apart of a CHH/urban gospel radio station. It’s a dream of mine to own a station that plays good quality CHH & urban gospel music. I was DJing at a Destinations event and at youth events at different churches. Seantana was over Destinations and I met him in our former church bookstore. There, we would have discussions like we have on the show now. It was real and sometimes we would agree and sometimes we would¬†disagree. He told me about the Trackstarz¬† show and asked me to come check it out. I said sure. So I met him at Clark Atlanta University room. I brought with me a case of CHH and Urban Gospel CDs. That same day, I met Ryan Righteous. Ryan was cool to me and he embraced me just like Sean did. From that day on, I was the official Trackstarz DJ but the world found out (and me too to be honest) at a Trackstarz Live Event. I got the title and a nice Christian Throwback Jersey. That was about ten years ago and I have enjoyed every minute of the ride.

Thank you all for supporting Trackstarz!