3 Lessons to Take Away From ‘Fences’- We Have a Choice Pt 1| Blog| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

I love the film ‘Fences’ because it just makes us appreciate our fathers even more despite imperfections they may have. Father’s are held to a higher standard of accountability, and face more crucial scrutiny than others because of the responsibility that comes with the role.

The role of a  Father’s impact is undeniable in the home as clearly seen in Troy’s character. His decisions affected the temperament of the whole household and in a way served as a roadmap as to where his children would end up.

Troy, in the film, was like many father’s who sought to control the outcome of his son’s life. He attempted to protect Cory from the racial discrimination he felt he had experienced in his days of playing ball by preventing his son from an opportunity to be observed by a sports recruiter, and encouraging his son only to work. This along with the infidelity embittered his son Cory. The first lesson that we should take away from this is that despite the negative things that our father’s may have done in our eyes; we still have a choice as children as to how we will allow it to affect our futures.

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