Living the Christian lifestyle can be hard sometime. At times, it takes a lot for us to get and stay focused. Realizing this, Chris decided to tell us how it’s done with his new EP, “Focused.” Let’s look at some of the tracks and see how focused he is.

Chris starts the EP off  showing us his B.C. struggle as he says “I used to turn to a bottle and a Newport,” but gets refocused as he tells us to “Keep ya head up.” The hook draws you in by proclaiming psalms to us. Whether the world gives up on us or if all we see is darkness, we should keep our head up looking at God. Chris gives us some great questions to ponder on within the first verse of “Round and Round.” With the thought-provoking riddles he spits, the listener’s head will go “round and round.”

Chris comes through with his single “pray4U.” Not only does it have a smooth Caribbean feel, but it displays the heart of a true Christian that understands prayer can help change the outcome in people’s lives. This melodic track leads and motivates us down the narrow path and reminds us that God heals us when we are broken.

Overall, this is a good listen. Also, on a side note, I was very impressed with the artwork and how he put his name within the name of the EP. Chris gives us somewhat of a soundtrack to his life. We can hear that his focus is serious on God and his faith. I love how open and honest he is within every track. Make sure you check it out on iTunes and get Focused with Chris. Spread The Soup!