Xavier Omär – The Everlasting Wave EP | Album Review| @xvromar @j19music @trackstarz

Xavier Omär, fka SPZRKT, releases his newest and most defined body of work to date. This is Xaviers debut EP since the name change and his new music reflects some of the change he is currently going through.

The EP is a transparent view into the love life of this young man and a woman he is very infatuated with. The opening track “Blind Man” is great love letter to this woman putting into perspective how great she is, personality and all. Her looks don’t even matter. “You’re so beautiful that a blind man can love you”  drives home the beauty he is referring to in this woman. The next song, he still follows this trend of uplifting this woman but this time not really complementing her but more showing her how mature she is. “Grown Woman” is the anthem for the independency of this woman and that even though they are together, she doesn’t depend on his comfort because of her own self awareness and confidence. “Lost In Nostalgia” is one of the big highlights for me because of the beat. Xaviers vocal performance and most of all, the subject change coming after the previous 2 songs makes it a highlight. The couple is together now but it has been some time and now they are fighting almost constantly. They are having a hard time bouncing back and forth between the good times they have had together but they are also remembering the tough times they have been through and it’s a struggle for them to be together. The album has a good pick up with “Special Eyes” as it seems like a bit of an apologetic song from Xavier. The couple has had some issues but there is something deep and special about their relationship that he really wants to fight to keep it alive. “Do Not Disturb” takes on a bit of a darker tone sonically with these deep piano keys and slower snare. Xavier is still wanting to make things right with this woman, but something is holding her back. He is refusing to let go of her and this seems like a plea to her to hold on. By far the next song “Speculate” is the most beautiful song on the album vocally. Xavier hits some crazy notes and it just gives you goose bumps to hear his heart on the chorus. At this point in the album, Xavier is almost ready to give up in the song “If This Is Love” saying that, we don’t treat each other correctly and if this is considered love then I don’t want to be apart of this. Closing out the album we have Xavier doing what should have been done at the beginning of this relationship. Taking this to God and asking Him to remove anything sinful from it. “Poison” is that plea to God and affirmation to the woman who thinks it will get better.

Overall this is a solid project from Xavier Omär and it is a great step forward from his previous works. Go check out the album for yourself and let us know what you guys think of The Everlasting Wave.