3 Slipups That Independent Artists Do | @mike_sarge @trackstarz

Independent artists and entrepreneurs bring a lot of raw talent to the table, but they can also bring an entitled and naive mentality that can lead to slip-ups in the music industry. This can not only make their lives difficult, but can totally derail a career for many independent artists. While there’s nothing wrong with […]

Comfort Zones And Failure | @mike_sarge @trackstarz

Many of us want to accomplish great things in life but we often find ourselves held back by our own fears and comfort zones. Check out this week’s podcast to hear Mike Sarge discuss reasons you have to fix this problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFdT8vZODtA

The Drop-Off | @mike_sarge @trackstarz

When we compare people that are successful with people that aren’t successful we find a common factor: a “Drop-Off” in results! Sound crazy? Check out this week’s podcast to find out exactly what Mike Sarge is talking about. https://youtu.be/OllErgm4Rlw

Advice Can Be Toxic| @mike_sarge @trackstarz

It’s always good to get different perspectives in life. But are there negatives to taking advice from everyone? Mike Sarge discusses things we should pay attention to when taking advice from others. Check it out and comment below. https://youtu.be/mf8ozLLFRS8