The Single Woman and Submission Part II| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

When a single woman is considering submitting to a man, she should be well acquainted with submission and who is worthy of submission from her relationship with God and other appropriate men in her life. Single women can practice submission through their submission to God. This will show us what to expect in a man […]

Hymn Sunday “Blessed Assurance”| @korthwest @trackstarz

We can be assured that Jesus is our God. “Blessed Assurance” is such a wonderful hymn of this reminder. Today, I pray you feel His Presence ever so deep as you rest in Him today. Take a day from the go go go to refresh, recharge and refocus on Him. Read His rich word and […]

XXL Magazine Covers Propaganda’s ‘Crooked’ Album| @humblebeast @prophiphop

Propaganda’s album ‘Crooked’ is continuing to make waves as excellent music often does. Scrolling through Pop’s twitter feed my eyes saw something that made me do a double take. Hip Hop heavyweight magazine XXL was promoting Propaganda’s album!!!! The support went much deeper than a simple tweet of the album. There was a nice write […]

Th3 Saga Excorcised Tink Da Demon| @urltv @th3saga @trackstarz

Faith based Queens emcee Th3 Saga came back in a major way! Not that he went anywhere but cats stay swearing Th3 Saga fell off. How Sway? During the Born Legacy 5 Event Th3 Saga battled Tink Da Demon and the internet been rumbling about it ever since. Veteran Tay Roc asked Th3 Saga how […]

Bizzle Drops Visuals For “Knock Off Love”| @mynameisbizzle @trackstarz

God Over Money frontman Bizzle dropped a music video for “Knock Off Love” featuring Johnathan McReynolds. This video premiered on Billboard and Bizzle got the chance to communicate his heart behind the making of the song “Knock Off Love” and its purpose. This video tells a story as Bizzle differentiates between the fickle and flighty […]

Perseverance: How to Press On| @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! So, recently, I have been absolutely wrecked by Philippians 3:14. It says that, “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” Another version, the Aramaic Bible in Plain English, says it like this, “And I […]