Mark J – “National Anthem (Remix)” featuring 2nd Nature, J. Johnson, japhia Life, Lecrae, Promise D’Apostle, Swift, Shabach, Triumph & Truth| @damo_seayn3d @trackstarz

This has been a pretty hostile week in the life of CHH. Shai Linne releases a song firing shots at Lecrae and Reach Records. That is followed with essentially diss tracks from Ruslan and Hazakim. Well Ruslan’s song wasn’t really a diss track. Hazakim’s definitely was a diss track to Ruslan, but I digress. It’s […]

Andy Mineo Tells Amazing Tour Story| @reachrecords @andymineo @trackstarz

Uptown New York emcee Andy Mineo was interviewed by 24/7 Hip Hop a while ago and they have been slowly dropping parts of that interview. Recently 247HH dropped a portion where Andy told an amazing true story about an interaction he had with some fans while he was out on tour. A married couple found […]

Midweek Encouragement| @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s up everyone!! This week I wanted to just send out some encouragement to everyone!! It’s been a week full of transition and new seasons for me, and I feel like some of y’all can relate. Through the trials and change, Jesus is right there with you. He is providing the direction even in the […]

The Design of Our Future Generations| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Many may have noticed the increase of racially charged news on all forms of media including social media. Some of the stories floating on social media aren’t true; however, it’s clear that a real problem exists. If the problem that exists is not dealt with; what will it mean for our future generations in this […]

Corey Paul Drops “Pipe Dreams” Single| @CoreyPaulMusic @trackstarz

Corey Paul has definitely laid it all out on the line! He’s left Collision Records and quit his day job as a fire fighter to pursue music full time. Some may call that a pipe dream, and they may be right but Paul doesn’t care. A pipe dream is defined as an unattainable or fanciful hope […]